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2014 NSCAATV Fall Broadcast Wrap Up

The NSCAATV fall broadcast season is winding down and the postseason tournaments now loom large on the calendar for college and high school soccer programs across the country. 
This broadcast season was a tremendous success with many memorable moments and highlights. The fall began with Utah Valley University’s inaugural NCAA Division I game, a win that set the tone for an impressive first year.

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2014 NSCAA College Broadcasts

Akron vs West Virginia (Men’s) 3-2 October 17th

Duke vs Davidson (Men’s) 1-2 (OT) October 14th

Ohio vs Miami (OH) (Women’s) (0-2)  October 12th

UCONN vs Tulsa (Men’s) (2-0) October 11th

West Virginia vs Texas Tech (Women’s) (4-2) October 10th

George Mason vs Virginia (Men’s) (0-1) October 7th

Bakersfield vs San Jose State (Men’s) (5-1) October 4th

Bucknell vs Penn State (Men’s) (0-2) October 1st

High Point vs UNC Asheville (Men’s) (3-0) September 27th

UCSB vs UCLA (Men’s) (1-0) September 20th

UCONN vs Florida State (Women’s) (2-3) September 18th

William & Mary vs North Carolina (Men’s) (0-2) September 16th

Seattle University vs UCONN (Men’s) (1-3) September 14th

Louisville vs Duke (Men’s) (5-0) September 13th

UVA vs Tennessee (Women’s) (2-1) September 12th

William & Mary vs Richmond (Women’s) (4-1) September 10th

Illinois State vs Boston College (Women’s) (1-4) September 7th

Maryland vs UMBC (Men’s) (0-0) September 5th

West Virginia vs Virginia Tech (Men’s) (3-0) September 4th

Utah Valley vs UMASS (Men’s) (5-1) August 30th